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Long Term Care Insurance

Statistically we in the United States are living longer. Advances in modern medical care at many levels allows life expectancies in the US today to more typically lead to many people living into their 80’s and even 90’s more frequently than generations past. Most of us know a family member or a friend that has had to deal with home care or nursing home care for a loved one.  In West Virginia as in many states, the options for Long-term care can create an ongoing expense of several thousands of dollars per month, quickly depleting the funds that were saved over a lifetime.  Most of the options for care leave families looking at the for profit nursing home options available. Typical long-term nursing home stays are often over several years, at ever increasing prices. It is extremely important that a comprehensive Estate Plan is in place to not only protect your assets and wishes for your family but to maximize and protect estates from spend down requirements for Medicare benefits. Not only can we assist you by working with experienced and skilled estate planning counsel, but also as we offer several Long Term Care Insurance options to best help you protect yourself, your family and estate against these often crushingly burdensome Nursing Home expenses.