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Life Insurance

We offer various life insurance products and in the planning phase, we want to listen and learn about your personal financial situation and concerns to best plan and select, if appropriate, life insurance products. In this area you find life insurance policies are referred to as Term, Whole Life or Variable policies. Each type has different characteristics and we want to be sure we listen and understand your concerns and situation, as well as answer your questions on risk tolerance and then and only then, depending on your required life insurance needs, make a prudent recommendation. Generally, we advocate a “buy term insurance and invest the difference” approach in many clients circumstances. There are certainly roles for permanent whole life insurance coverage and we do recommend this type of policy when warranted, but these are more specialized cases oftentimes associated with estate planning needs. ┬áVariable policies offer a combination of term and whole life and given the complexities of all these, we work carefully with you, your tax advisor, CPA and/or estate planning counsel to insure we properly cover your concerns.