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Life often can throw unexpected and sometimes life changing events at us and upset the well thought out goals that we have concisely and deliberately planned for our families and ourselves. Insurance is one component, which can place a supportive foundation to your financial plan to help you, and your family deal with these unforeseen circumstances. At Fourth Avenue Financial, as an independent financial advisor we offer various different Life, Disability and Long Term Care Insurance programs, which are specially customized, to meet your insurance needs in those unique areas. Our philosophy on insurance is that it is not an investment vehicle, as we have far more detailed and specific investments for your balanced portfolio, but rather these special products offer a safety net to protect your well-made plans. We will meet with you and discuss your unique needs and concerns to insure you may add various insurance products and coverage’s, if needed, for your family and also keep those insurance expenses as low as possible so that you may use more of your money to pursue your dreams in your overall financial plan.