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Estate Planning

Estate planning is extraordinarily important, even if it is the not most exciting thing to discuss. Every day loved ones are left to deal with confusing, irritating and often complex matters when administering estates. Many of which can be resolved with proper estate planning. Often families wait until it is too late, to properly execute a plan and you know that you do not want to unnecessarily burden your loved ones after your demise and you want to know your final wishes are handled in the most tax efficient manner and that the estate administration process, which often can be complex, time consuming and expensive, is the smoothest possible. Over the years, I have witnessed families sorting through boxes and files for stock certificates, estates that need be reopened upon discovering items that were not properly probated, and general confusion as to how the beneficiaries were supposed to share in the funds as well as deal with obligations and responsibilities. While we are not a law firm and do not do legal work at Fourth Avenue Financial, we have an experienced attorney on our team to help suggest and direct you and your family to the appropriate, knowledgeable and experienced estate planning attorney in your area, be it in West Virginia or other locations, who can assist you in organizing your estate in a comprehensive and complete fashion, also best protecting your assets and resources by properly handling your affairs. Working cooperatively with skilled estate planning professionals such as attorneys, CPAs is what we do to help clients. We will work with you and your attorney and CPA to ensure that all your beneficiary designations align with your estate documents, and that your estate plans are set up to minimize tax and other liability exposure to best insure your wishes are carried out.