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Disability Income Insurance

Disability – We all lead active and productive lives, or at least we aspire to.  Considering the busy and vibrant activities or life including work as well as play, and in fact even routine life chores such as shopping, driving and working around the home can sometimes result in life changing accidents which affect one’s ability to continue to preform their jobs and in many instances, enjoy life as they once did. An unexpected loss of income due to a disability can quickly erase any progress you have made with your finances.  Often causing drastic changes to your financial plans, depleting assets and otherwise causing disruptions that can ripple through your family. Disability insurance can often offer an income safety net to see you through this period, whether it is temporary or permanent. This is why we at Fourth Avenue Financial want to help you assess your personal financial situation, including helping you evaluate any employer coverage that you may have or otherwise be available to you and then suggest options to fill in any disability insurance gap. Should that be in your best interest. Understanding you, your personal financial situation, helps us work with your to cover your needs and concerns.